Quality Assurance Program

There are literally thousands of components that go into building your new Comstock home. During the homebuilding process there are over 23 inspections done by both the municipality and Comstock Homes to help insure that critical systems are functioning properly.

Two Year Warranty Program:

As one of our condominium purchasers a two year warranty program is part of the assurance given purchasers under the Virginia Condominium Act.

Pre-Settlement Walk-Thru:

We perform a walk-thru inspection with you prior to settlement to provide you with an understanding of your home, its systems and a general review with you of your new homes' quality and workmanship. Items found needing correction are addressed after you have settled in your home in a reasonable period of time. These items are usually cosmetic in nature, as behind the wall structure and systems have already been thoroughly inspected.

30 Day Walk-Thru Inspection:

Comstock Homes' also schedules a second inspection of your home, at your request, approximately 30 days after you settle. During that time you should make note of any warranted items that you feel need attention. However, if you have any items that are considered an emergency repair, or you have questions or concerns about your home, our Customer Care Representative would like to address those as soon as possible.

One Year Drywall Inspection:

A one year drywall inspection is offered on or before the anniversary date of your settlement, at your request. This service provides the homeowner with the opportunity to review observable drywall related deficiencies.

Other manufacturer's warranties do apply.