Care and Maintenance of Your Comstock Home

Comstock Homes warmly welcomes you as a new member of our extended family of over 5,000 homeowners. At Comstock we are proud of the care and quality built into each of our homes. Our warranty coverage provides our homeowners with the peace of mind they should expect.

While the warranty program offers you extensive protection, it is important that you maintain your home properly and that requires regular care and attention. A little maintenance goes a long way in assuring that your home will maintain its integrity and value in the years to come.

In order to help you with the maintenance and care of your home we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of care maintenance tips. With your home always prepared and protected, your investment can continue to look as beautiful as the day you moved in.

Various components in the care of home:

pdf Appliances
pdf Attic
pdf Cabinets and Countertops
pdf Concrete and Asphalt
pdf Electrical and Lighting
pdf Exterior of Your Home
pdf Fireplaces
pdf Flooring
pdf Heating and Cooling
pdf Interior Finish
pdf Lawn and Landscaping
pdf Plumbing
pdf Seasonal Maintenance Tips
pdf Windows and Doors